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Returning Northerners to Florida

Returning Northerners Begin Their Migration to Florida   Returning Northerners to Florida are first seen by their car transports arriving. Every October begins the migration of the "snowbirds" who claim South Florida residency. To locals, this means longer waits for doctor appointments and seating at favorite restaurants, let alone very crowded streets. The traffic becomes troublesome and is filled with folks who don't know, or forget that here; you can make a right turn at most red lights. Do you have a Local Doctor? In addition ... Read more

Speaking with Adult Children

Adult Children Often View Aging Parents as Being Younger Adult children are often the first responders to the needs of elder parents. No matter how we mature, emotionally we often still react as we did about things many years earlier. Often the elderly parents want to maintain the veneer of total independence even when sons and daughters are helping out in some way. This can be as benign as stopping by or calling and checking in, picking up groceries, managing bill payments ... Read more

Parkinsons Foundation Schedule of Events Download

Parkinsons Foundation Schedule Click to View or Download Read more

Male Caregivers on the Job

Male Caregivers are a Growing Demographic Male caregivers are more in demand than ever before.  With the increase in the number of aging Americans needing and seeking assistance at home, AARP reports an increase in the number of male caregivers. This includes familial (sons) caregivers and hired male aides.  According to their research:  in 2009, 34% of caregivers who were surveyed were male. Today that number is 40%. With about 40 million Americans caring for a family member (usually a parent), that ... Read more

Independence Day – Every Day

Independence Day Celebrating Liberty Independence Day proper comes around each 4th of July. We come together as families, friends, neighbors and Americans. Thinking about what it means to have independence on a national level is awe inspiring. Considering it on an individual basis, turns out in-home care enables folks, senior older adults in particular to remain independent in their homes. Home Care services help people enjoy their independence every day. Many people benefit from having a few hours a week of assistance with ... Read more

Dementia Driving Interventions

Dementia Driving and Safety Dementia driving at some point becomes a safety issue. Some characteristics of normal aging include changes in vision, hearing and slower reaction time. Add a Dementia into the mix, most commonly Alzheimer's Disease or Lewy Body Dementia and the person may have to seriously give up driving or be forced to hand in their license. Older drivers have been behind the wheel for fifty plus years and it is a huge part of their being independent. Driving is ... Read more

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season 2017 - Above Normal Activity This Hurricane Season, NOAA is predictions a higher number of named storms than usual. The 2017 Hurricane season begins June 1st and goes through November 30th. NOAA predicts 11 -17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes and 2-4 major hurricanes.  Florida is on alert during these months due to its location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Beyond geography, South Florida is home to many vulnerable seniors. Natives are more in tuned with the idea ... Read more

Recognizing Depression in Aging Adults

Becoming Depressed is not an Inevitable part of Aging Being depressed isn't normal in aging or at any age. If it was, all seniors would be suffering from it and we know that is not the case. That is not to say that many people; including older adults do not deal with it at some time in their post retirement years. Illness and health issues do occur more frequently in older people and debilitating diseases or medical conditions which alter one's life ... Read more

Problem Solving in Older Age

Each stage of life has its own problem solving challenges from childhood through adulthood and into old age. Some obstacles include health or medical issues, change in status, stubbornness of habits and loss of friends and spouses. Whatever situation you are facing, a positive resolution or outcome is hoped for. However, what has worked before may or may not be applicable to your present situation so a variety of skills are needed and a few things may need to be tried. Remember, every day is a ... Read more

Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

Alzheimer's is a Disease of the Brain  Alzheimer's disease is a progressive, degenerative disease which causes a decline over many years in memory, thinking (cognitive) and reasoning or judgement. Dementia is an umbrella term for loss of cognition skills. What used to be called senility is now termed "dementia" and Alzhiemer's disease is the most prevalent of the brain affecting diseases. Over five million Americans are battling Alzheimer's disease. It affects the person, their family and threatens the U.S. economy due its ... Read more
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