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Coping Skills for the Stress in Your Life

Coping Skills to Manage Stress Coping skills help us deal with the stress of life. It is both a motivator to get things done and a drain on our heart and spirit. We learn coping skills as early as infancy. Babies learn how to get attention or calm themselves? Throughout life we learn ways to manage our stress. Coping skills determine how well we cope with the underlying tasks and challenges. Do we overeat, oversleep and take drugs and alcohol? Or do we seek ... Read more

CEO Brain Function

CEO Brain Function We Need to Exist CEO Brain Function (a.k.a. Executive Brain Function) in humans are extremely advanced. We can use critical thinking, planning or memory in ways that other beings cannot. Our brains also affect mood, behavior and personality, is the repository for language, our visual-spatial orientation as well as where our insight and judgement reside. Imagine what happens when the brain is impaired. Our brains need to be nourished and protected throughout our lives. However, accidents can cause traumatic brain ... Read more

Minimizing Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver Burnout - A Real Health Threat Caregiver Burnout is the term for when a caregiver (usually the spouse or other family member) is tooexhausted and unwell to maintain an acceptable level of caregiving. When meeting in Caregiver Support Groups, it is asked "when will you know that you are burnt out?" The answer is usually, “When I collapse." What a shame, because help is available which can help prevent anyone collapsing. Research shows that for caregivers over the age of seventy, ... Read more

Family Visits this Winter

Family Visits with Ill Parents Family visits are typical in South Florida during the winter months.  Many adult sons and daughters will visit their elder parents at least once a year to enjoy the sunshine. When an older parent has a disease or illness, some preparation from all sides are warranted.  When a mother or father has a degenerative disease and the adult children haven't seen them in a while, it is very important to bring everyone up to date. Whether the ... Read more

Holiday Joy: Deck the Stress

Holiday Season, Keep the Joy With Halloween over, the Holiday season is upon us!  Thoughts go to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and hearts skip a beat. Shopping, meal preparation, gifts, family gatherings, travel, budgets, and planning all jumble together as the Holiday season takes over. It is "supposed" to be a season of thanks, good wishes, joy and peace on earth but can easily overwhelm us with stress and anxiety. Getting Organized This isn't your first holiday season so you already know a few things about how ... Read more

Elder Parent’s Finances

Elder Parent's Finances are Often a Sign of Decline Parent's finances and how they manage their bills and assets give a window into their cognitive and functional abilities. Older adults share to varying degrees information about their finances with their grown children. It is certainly a very personal matter and connects directly into our sense of independence. However, with advancing age, some degree of cognitive decline may occur and with finances, this can be a costly mix. Signs of Elder Parent's Finances and Trouble Beyond ... Read more

Returning Northerners to Florida

Returning Northerners Begin Their Migration to Florida   Returning Northerners to Florida are first seen by their car transports arriving. Every October begins the migration of the "snowbirds" who claim South Florida residency. To locals, this means longer waits for doctor appointments and seating at favorite restaurants, let alone very crowded streets. The traffic becomes troublesome and is filled with folks who don't know, or forget that here; you can make a right turn at most red lights. Do you have a Local Doctor? In addition ... Read more

Speaking with Adult Children

Adult Children Often View Aging Parents as Being Younger Adult children are often the first responders to the needs of elder parents. No matter how we mature, emotionally we often still react as we did about things many years earlier. Often the elderly parents want to maintain the veneer of total independence even when sons and daughters are helping out in some way. This can be as benign as stopping by or calling and checking in, picking up groceries, managing bill payments ... Read more

Parkinsons Foundation Schedule of Events Download

Parkinsons Foundation Schedule Click to View or Download Read more

Male Caregivers on the Job

Male Caregivers are a Growing Demographic Male caregivers are more in demand than ever before.  With the increase in the number of aging Americans needing and seeking assistance at home, AARP reports an increase in the number of male caregivers. This includes familial (sons) caregivers and hired male aides.  According to their research:  in 2009, 34% of caregivers who were surveyed were male. Today that number is 40%. With about 40 million Americans caring for a family member (usually a parent), that ... Read more
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