Parkinson Disease – Specialized Support to Caregivers & Families

Parkinson Disease: Specialized Support to Caregivers & Families

Parkinson Disease exerciseParadise Home Health Care is proud to be a volunteer and supporter of The Parkinson Foundation. We are committed to families who are living with Parkinson Disease – both the person with the disease and their loved ones who care for them. In fact, we offer to PD families the ability to sign on with PHHC and use us on an “As Needed” basis rather than having to commit to a schedule they are not ready for. Our Fundraiser in January was a success and we look forward to Moving Day 2015. Currently we facilitate Caregiver Support Groups at the Boca and Boynton Beach YMCAs so join the SPBCCNPF for $25.00 and partake in their wide range of services and programs.

The SPBCCNPF main office is in Boca Raton on Powerline Road –       800 -4PD-INFO –  561- 962-1702

Parkinson Disease is a degenerative, progressive Movement Disorder. It is caused by less Dopamine being produced in the brain as those cells are destroyed by PD. Symptoms characterizing this disease include: Slowness of movement,  rigidity, tremor in hands, low speech, constipation, depression among others. PD affects each person differently.  Medication such as Sinemet is taken multiple times a day and help with movement.  It is important to see your Neurologist regularly, preferable a Movement Disorder Specialist who can monitor your condition, answer your questions and advise you.

Movement is key….walking, stretching, get in the pool, and do physical therapy regularly. Eat a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet – less red meat, more nuts, whole grains fruits & vegetables.  Do Speech therapy also for swallowing and speech muscles to be strengthened. Dancing and Music are also keys to stay strong and MOVING.  Look into LSVT — “Big and Loud Training” near you.  All Physical, occupational, speech or other therapies should be tailor made for YOU personally.

                         parkinson disease foundationJoin Parkinson Support Groups, Exercise Groups — at the YMCA and stay active — with rest built into your day. Currently there are advances in medications and delivery but no cure.

Being a Caregiver means being available day and night, every day throughout the year. When things come up that the caregiver must manage for themselves, either a visit with family or acing care of some medical situation of their own – or just wanting a day off, we can arrange for an aide to take over for a number of hours or days.

Our Specialized Services for PD Care include:

~Exercise and Movement – stand by assist when getting up, standing and walking

~Special attention to Medication Management

~Fall Prevention


~Education about the disease and Community Resources

All caregivers (all screened and certified) will have experience working with someone who has Parkinson Disease and will help with exercises that are PD specific as they will also accompany you to your PT and exercise classes. Regular tasks include: assistance as needed with bathing, dressing, laundry, cooking, driving and more.

It is recommended to research a number of PD friendly organizations as each may have a focus on different parts of the disease and various programming. “Knowledge is Power” For example, the Fox Foundation is focused on Research… if you are interested in participating in a research study or finding out what is being done around the world, visit: www.

As you will find, there are scientists and drug makers around the world working to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for Parkinson Disease.  We have a number of excellent Movement Specialist Neurologist in Broward and Palm Beach counties. You may also consider getting a second opinion about the treatment regimen you are on or whether you are a candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation or other therapy.

Please call us at 561-672-7170 for either referrals or more information about services in your area.  Our Social Worker and Nurses are happy to help you to move forward.