Senior Fitness Maintenance

Senior fitness leads to overall well-being. Being fit often correlates with better health. Whether a Boomer, Retiree or Senior, proper nutrition and routine fitness bolsters a feeling of wellness – body and soul. Paradise Home Health Care promotes fitness for Health and Safety with all of our clients.

A hired caregiver is a trusted person to assist you with personal care, household chores and someone who will walk by your side and do movement exercises together with you.

Medicare will cover in-home Physical Therapy through Part A. It will also cover outpatient PT under Part B. There are advantages to doing both, even as a regular “tune up” for strengthening, balance and improved gait. You will need to get an order from your doctor and can participate in outpatient therapy following in-home therapy. We regularly have to change the oil in our cars. Think of having a physical therapy “tune up” a couple of times a year. Of course, the key is to do the exercises and keep moving between rounds. Being fit is also a key in preventing falls. Physical therapy and personal trainers are good ways to help you get on the track to feeling better, being safer… and looking trim.

The benefits of going to a Center like the Florida Movement Therapy Centers for Excellence , One to One or therapy at home with LifeCare Therapy include:

  • A Senior Fitness Program designed specifically for you & your condition.
  • Individualized one-to-one attention by a certified Therapist (PT, OT or ST).
  • A customized state of the art Movement Program & Aquatics progresses as you do.
  • Reduce falling or injury, as you regain strength, balance and coordination.
  • Improved or preservation of flexibility and stamina for independence.
  • Active management of chronic disease symptoms and pain.

For questions on how to get started call: Sherry @ 561-672-7170

Florida Movement Therapy Centers -Ed Gray OT/R, PTA Phone (561) 883-7800

One to One -Monica Morles – 561-496-5144

LifeCare Therapy – 866-718-5757

*Discuss with your physician, which type of therapy program is best suited for you.