Assistance for seniors

Palm Beach and Broward Counties trusted quality in-home senior care provider! We believe that caring is more than just a job– it’s a way of life.

Personal Care
We are ready to assist with all personal care needs- bathing, dressing, transferring, ambulating and more
Transitional Care
Optimize recovery and enjoy a safe return home from the hospital or rehab with our unique approach.
Dementia Care
Our specialized approach to memory related needs promotes person centered care, dignity, safety, and communication.
Senior Care
Paradise’s team-based boutique approach, takes the stress and worry off clients and families. Our client centered, compassionate and trustworthy care gives families peace of mind their loved one is in good hands.

How We Care

Loneliness Is a Thing of the Past
Companionship and friendship are important to all of us, especially as we get older. Having an aide visit the home regularly means consistent interaction with your elderly loved one. This prevents loneliness, fear, and improves mental health.
A Healthy Home Environment
Because housework can be physically demanding for many elderly people, they often neglect to complete it. This leads to an unhealthy and unsafe environment with too much debris and clutter. Home care aides can easily carry out these basic housekeeping chores to keep the home environment safe and clean.
Transportation For Your Senior
Simple grocery shopping or an important doctor’s appointment can be a challenge for many older people who are confined to their home. An aide providing home care can take your elderly relative to appointments, to the store, and ensure a safe experience. Of course, your aging relative will probably want to get out of the house to socialize, meet friends or perhaps eat a meal out. Transportation can enable a full and satisfying social life. Having the ability to leave home without the stress of driving or having to navigate public transportation can make a positive difference to many older people.
Maintaining a Healthy Diet
Skipping healthy meals can be a serious issue for many seniors who simply don’t have the energy to cook and eat properly. A home care aide can prepare healthy and nutritious meals, ensuring a balanced and satisfying diet. When preparing food, our aides consider any dietary requirements or restrictions your senior’s doctor has recommended.
Medication reminders
Medication reminders are one of the most important responsibilities for caregivers. Your elderly relative may have medication that needs to be taken regularly. Even if it is for something minor, skipping the medication can lead to serious problems. Worrying about your older parent skipping their medication or refusing to take it will be a thing of the past when a caregiver visits regularly.
Caregiver for an elderly woman Weekly check-ups at the patient's

Home Health Aides are Screened and Certified

All Home Aides are screened and certified with a level 2 background check. Every Home Health Aide’s credentials are checked to confirm they are trained to be able to properly care for the Senior in your life. This ensures the safety and peace of mind for your loved one.

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24 hours of care

Call us today to see what hours are best suited for your loved one. We provide a wide range of options spanning from bath visits to 24/7 care.

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Start With Home Care

We have the experience and expertise to help you find the right care. Call us today or fill out the contact form, and a representative from Paradise Home Health Care will contact you.

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Paradise Home Heath Care Blog

When we needed care for a loved one, we couldn’t find the right mix of expertise. That’s why our caregivers mean so much more to the people and organizations they serve.

Paradise Home Heath Care Assistance Brochure

Our brochure defines the specific services that are available for the elderly, from home health care to transportation and more.

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