Home Health Care When Assistance is Needed

Home Health CareHome Health Care is recommended when you see either in yourself or with a parent that things are a little more difficult than they were it is time to consider some solutions. For some people moving into congregate living becomes a consideration. For most aging seniors though, remaining in their own home is their wish.

Benefits of Home Health Care

Home Health Care; Hiring a companion or aide (hands on care) is the easiest way to introduce a higher level of safety and care into the home.  A little assistance results in maintained independence and even an improved quality of life.  Here’s how:

~Improved safety – preventing falls and injury

~Improved nutrition and diet for better health – shopping & cooking

~Improved hygiene and grooming  assistance with bathing and hair

~Improved medication compliance & exercises for better health

~Enriched social contact; decreased loneliness & feeling depressed

~Greater Autonomy by having a driver and chaperone

~Increased feeling of security – not being alone, fear of falling subsides

~Respite time for the spousal or family caregiver

~Peace of mind for family members.

It becomes evident that combining any of these home care qualities will lead to an overall improvement in the day to day life of your loved one.

Paying for Care

Private duty home care is paid privately or covered by Long Term Care Insurance. LTC insurance usually requires 2-3 ADLs or personal care needs to trigger coverage, or cognitive impairment. There is no way around the fact that in home, private health care is costly. However, a relapse, a fall, self-neglect can all be costlier in the long run. Truth is, when you need help, you need help and short term care can go a long way in helping you recover and heal faster. Short term assistance can be a couple of weeks. Of course Alzheimer’s disease or other physical debilitating diseases require a different solution if cost is prohibitive over a longer period of time. Speak with a Geriatric professional for suggestions about benefits and services.