Diabetic FeetDiabetic feet care is important to help mitigate effect of Diabetes on your feet. The stinging pain from nerve endings and the risk of being banged, bumped and bruised can move quickly from no problem to a possible serious problem.

Diabetic Feet Safe and Cared for:

1- Check your feet every day– top, soles and between the toes. Check for bruising, swelling and cuts. If you cannot check your feet have someone else do it, a family member, friend or aide.

  1. Keep your feet clean and comfy – wash with warm water, soap and dry thoroughly. Avoid wearing tight socks, stockings shoes or high heels.
  2. Avoid going barefoot. Shoes are armor for your feet which can get bumped, bruised or cut. If a wound or injury occurs, wash it, dry it and bandage it.  If there is swelling or no improvement the next day, see your doctor or podiatrist.
  3. Treat any wound immediately. If there is soreness or redness see your doctor. Any infection must be treated quickly.  Again, use warm water and soap, dry it and bandage it.
  4. Control your sugar. Stay within your normal sugar levels and follow your individualized meal plan.

There are several new types of treatment for Diabetic foot pain. Some include ultra sound waves through targeted laser treatments, some use acupuncture, hypnosis and meditation. Always check with your doctor when trying something new. Follow their instructions as Diabetes can progress into larger problems.

We also recommend that you join the American Diabetes Association to receive their literature, newsletters and stay in touch with new treatments and information about Diabetes. It is a serious disease which affects other parts of the body. It is very important to use a podiatrist who specializes in Diabetes and can help maintain your foot health. Unfortunately amputations are sometimes needed so taking care of your feet may help avoid this drastic measure.

It is important to keep safety ahead of vanity; wearing the proper shoes, keeping your feet clean and so forth.

Keep your feet happy feet!