senior aging in placeWhat is Aging in Place?

Aging in place is a term used often in the healthcare industry. Most often it is used by individuals that work with seniors and/or their families looking for guidance on options for staying at home through the golden years, or if they need to go to a facility. Home is the most popular place that individuals choose, however independent, assisted, or skilled nursing may be the only option. Aging in place used to be discussed as the “older persons’ preference to stay in their own homes and never move. AARP,, and other organizations gathered information through surveys conducted with adults, and older adults.

That wasn’t the case before 2012. Henry Cisnero’s, Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, wrote a book about aging in place. The title is “Independent for Life”. In his book, he defines the term as “a range of housing services, a continuum of options that together support older people as they age and change. Older people can age well in assisted living or age poorly in a single-family home in a traditional neighborhood. Find the balance of housing, and care, that offers the right environmental, emotional, and economic fit”.  Seniors don’t have to be in their home to use the term age in place any longer.

How do I Age in Place?

Trying to navigate the health care system can be overwhelming. There are options, such as State, Federal, and Veterans benefits for payment. Some people have purchased Long Term Care Insurance to help pay for care if the time comes. Life Insurance policies can be converted into payment for LTC services if the policy allows. State and Federal assistance require a lot of time and patience in order to get approved. It is best to have a professional assist with the process of applying for State or Federal aide. Paradise Home Health Care is committed to providing referrals to individuals that we trust will have your best interest in mind.

Questions that should be answered when making decisions on where to age in place.

  • What is the best option for you or your loved one to age in place? Every family has individual needs, and different family dynamics.  There are numerous options as far as home health, assisted living, and independent living communities, but what is the best option for you or your loved one? It is important to know what you would like to do if such an event arises, and care is needed. It is also important to make sure that your loved ones, or friends know what your wishes are. Having it written down helps those around you know what your plan for yourself is, and ask it be carried out.
  • What are your options financially, emotionally, and physically? Are you able to sell your house and move into a community? Do you want to? Some seniors like the community living with activities and meals provided for them. Are you able to afford the monthly rent and care provided at the community? Others want to stay home, and do everything they can to do so, as long as they are able. Comparing the costs, and touring each community is very important.
  • Are you able to stay home and receive care for the activities of daily living that you are having trouble completing?  Light housekeeping, meal prep, and errands are all tasks that a Home Health Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant can provide. There is often the stigma that having a private duty company or hiring someone not affiliated with a company is too expensive. That isn’t always the case.

Aging in place with dignity is a right that everyone has. It is important to start thinking about where and how you want to spend your golden years, or retire to. Life doesn’t always go how we planned. Having basic knowledge of what is out there to assist you in times of distress, is very important. It can change the entire outcome of where you will be able to age in place. Don’t wait until there is an emergency to start thinking about care. It may not be an easy discussion, but necessary in order to know there is already a plan in place should the need arise.  We are always happy to answer questions and assist in any way we can. Contact Leslie Sedille, CSA at 561-672-7170. She is our Family Liaison and a Certified Senior Advisor.