The Volen Center Hosts an:  Fall Prevention Workshop

Fall Prevention is very possible. Overview of Physical and Music Therapy

Monday, Sept. 19th @ 1:00 – 2:30



Presenters: Sherry Picker, MSW

Ed Gray, Licensed OTR/L, PT

Sam McDowell, Board Certified Music Therapist

“Falls are a leading cause of hospitalizations for aging adults. Learn basic ways to Prevent Falls and Minimize Your Risk of injury.” 


*Practical Safety Tips

*Basic Movement/Balance Training

*Specialized Strengthening Techniques

*Proper Use of Canes and Walkers

*5 Reasons Falls Happen

*Music & Movement

* You Can Dance if You Want To

*Ways to Use Movement & Music in Daily Life

Call Paradise Home Health Care – Sherry: 561-376-6225

Seniors and Falls – Research shows that a third (33%) of Older Adults over the age of 65 will fall. Every ten years the odds increase also. For a third who do fall, it can be a life-changing experience – and not for the better. Most falls occur in the home so aging adults who live alone are at particular risk, should they fall, of not being discovered in a short period of time. The longer a person is on the floor, perhaps bleeding or in pain, extends the period of rehabilitation accordingly. We strongly recommend wearing an Emergency Response Button for anyone who is a fall risk and especially if they live by themselves.

Fall Prevention may just be the beginning.  If there is a fracture and surgery, the risks for errors, infection, and trouble healing increase. It can be the beginning of a downward spiral. The good news is that many falls can be prevented. Basic Tips for Preventing a Fall are:

Improved lighting

Checked vision

Proper shoes – rubber souls

Disposal of clutter

Hire a Caregiver

Taped down rugs – eliminate throw rugs

Physical Therapy – regular exercise

Grab bars and Railings

Proper use of assisted devices


Fall Prevention