Aging adults are hit hard with Flu                                                                                                                                                                                  Flu                                                                                          

In trying to feel better faster, we often do things which are counterproductive. See your doctor and follow directions. Learn what not to do. With autumn come bright colored leaves, cooler temperatures and the Flu. It is highly recommended for most people to get a Flu shot. True, it may not protect you from every strain out there, but it your best bet to avoid the Flu or have a milder, shorter one. If you are an Older Adult or in other high risk groups, getting a Flu shot is very important. Everyone should check with their doctor or at a walk in clinic. Flu shots are usually covered by insurance and Medicare. You may want to take your parent and child to get their flu shots– as a family outing.

Nothing is fool proof though. If you do get a bad cold or the flu, there are some definite things not to do as they will more likely prolong your suffering. Most medications are to relieve symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing. Taking more medications is not the answer.  Get rest, lots of rest and drink fluids. If you have other medical conditions and live alone, you may consider hiring help for a few days to do the shopping, cooking and laundry.

The Don’ts of Flu & Cold Care:                                                                                                                                                                              

Doubling up on a dose doesn’t make it work faster – it doubles up on the side effects, which can be dangerous, especially for folks with hypertension. Do take over the counter medicines, and prescription medications as directed.

Don’t go to work and risk infecting your colleagues. People in the workplace generally don’t approve of martyrs. You belong home in bed for a couple of days at least. Besides, you won’t do much good at the office anyhow. See what you can do from your keyboard or phone, from home.

No need to blow your nose as hard as you can – it won’t get more mucus out. It may however spread the infection into your Sinus cavities. Be gentle with yourself.

Don’t use up some older antibiotics you have in your medicine cabinet – – why up your resistance to antibiotics in general when most colds and flus come from a virus, not a bacteria.

Use Nasal Spray as they are directed for use, a couple of days. If you over- spritz, you may just be inviting a longer period of being clogged up. A couple of sprays for a couple of days should give you some relief as the cold/flu runs its course.

Don’t begin your usual level of activity as soon as you feel better, take care of yourself and take it easy for a bit longer so you don’t risk a relapse.

Elder adults want to feel good and enjoy all the fun of the Fall season.