GCM Helps Adult Sons and Daughters Who Live Out of State

GCM Geriatric Care Managers
Parents in Florida

A GCM or Geriatric Care Manager is the “Conductor” of a family’s Care Plan for an elder or incapacitated loved one. Many of the Senior Older Adults in South Florida have moved away from their grown children up North and don’t really have strong family support in Florida. This makes it hard for everyone when a health emergency or other crisis occurs. Sons and daughters who work or are caring for their own children may not be able to hop a flight to oversee medical care and resolution. A GCM will know many more local resources to refer family members to.

This is the best reason to have a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) involved with the family.  A GCM acts as a local Professional “sibling” or ‘offspring” who will assess the situation, know who’s who in your parent’s medical life, accompany to doctor appointments, be an advocate and make routine visits to check in to make sure plans are being followed and view any changes. They will then report back to the Adult children with an update and recommendations. When one or both parents have chronic degenerative conditions, Parkinson Disease, Alzheimer’s, M.S. for example, having a GCM involved reduces worry, anxiety and stress for the entire family, as there is a trusted person observing and guiding you.

 I Don’t Live Too Far From My Folks but Don’t Have Time

Even when the sons and daughters are nearby or only a long drive away, they may be too busy with other commitments to devote the time to check in with their parents with visits or have the knowledge to assess the situation, monitor changes, build in supports and referrals. If this is true in your family, a GCM is a good person to add to your team. Often the children travel a lot for work and are not able to act in a crisis.

As a Home Care company, we like to work with GCM as there is someone local to call when things change or worsen. It is helpful to have a go to person who knows the client to confer with. Some of the GCM companies we work with include: Senior Options, Elysian Senior Services, Gerico, among others. We are happy to make such referrals along with the other professionals you may need.

How to Decide on Senior Placement?

Once an elderly parent cannot manage safely at home, or wants to be in a more supportive and social environment, a move to an Independent or Assisted Living Community may be the answer. True, most of us prefer to remain as independent as possible in our own home, and In-Home Care does that, it buys you time, it is sometimes more prudent to make the move to a Senior Home. A GCM is an ideal person to help evaluate the situation, make recommendations and even take you and your parent to visit some properties. They will help you decide whether returning up North is the best decision or to remain, within an ILF or ALF in Florida.

With older parents, you can see, there are many ways to use a GCM. Their knowledge and experience can make a world of difference in securing your older parent’s well-being, managing a crisis, keeping you informed or planning for the next phase of needs and circumstances. When you can’t properly manage a mother’s or father’s ongoing medical situation and care needs, having another person on your team makes everything easier.