Hurricane Covid -19

Hurricane Covid-19 season is upon us. We have had two named storms already in May. Forecasts for an above average season have us all on edge.

Hurricane damage
Photo by John Middelkoop on Unsplash

Because the Corona virus is changing our lives, plans, movements and so on, we must begin preparing and making plans now. Licensed Home Care companies must know, in writing, what a client’s hurricane plan is and their degree of care needs. This focuses on safety and compels thinking about what one’s individual plan is. What is your plan?

Differences Due to Corona Virus

This hurricane season will be different as grocery stores still have empty shelves for some necessities. Hotels may not be open or on limited booking capacity. Shelters may also have limited capacity due to “social distancing” requirements. Travel plans may be limited or subject to quarantines at your destination. Will you need a test for the virus?  Flights have new restrictions. Those stocked up freezers we have will be wasted during prolonged power outages. This may be the year to use a personal generator. Plans for home improvements for storms may not be fulfilled due to the virus. Hurricane Covid-19 requires greater preparedness than in past seasons. If you are a snowbird who is staying in Florida and not used to hurricane season, get educated now.

Tips for Being Storm-Pandemic Ready

The usual routine is still important:

~Having your kit of important papers updated – insurance, checks, deeds, emergency contacts etc.

~Supplies of medications, yours and pets should be replenished for at least 7 days.

~ Water, non-perishable foods, Oxygen or other medical equipment should be procured.

~Have cash on hand.

~Check with your caregiver or home care company about any staffing concerns.

~Keep you car’s gas tank topped off.

~If you need a new cellphone, charger, battery etc – tend to it now.

~Check with whom you plan to stay with are still able to host you.

~Remember, plan for the storm itself and its aftermath – electricity may be down and roads closed.

~If your plan is to go to an Assisted Living Facility, find out their policy is and requirements – paperwork, deposits, reservations. a

~Use June and July, typically calmer months to get prepared for the height of the season – August, September and October.

Think of this hurricane season as one where we are handicapped. We are preparing with an arm behind our back so procrastination can have severe consequences. Should you remain in Florida or go to family out of state? Consult with loved ones, friends and neighbors now. Know what changes may be in effect in your community.

“Knowledge is Power”   Be Girl and Boy Scouts– Be Prepared!  Stay informed!