Hurricane Safety Season Begins June 1st – Be Ready

Hurricane Safety plan for hurricane season.  It is time to re-evaluate supplies, plans, and any home repairs. Here is Palm Beach and Broward counties, we know the drill. Elderly parents and other older neighbors often need some assistance with getting ready. Lots of supplies are heavy and the added groceries may be difficult to get home. Hurricane Safety includes a new set of eyes that can look over any home repairs needed and help with filling out any Special Needs forms for the county.

Broward County –

Palm Beach County


The only positive thing about a Hurricane is that unlike other forces of nature, there is time to prepare.

Make a List and Check it Twice

Keep in mind, the hardest part of the hurricane safety is usually the power outages afterwards.  Plan for a week or 10 days without electricity. The “To Do” list and shopping list should include:

Check windows, doors and roofs for any repairs needed

Oil and check storm shutters

Load up on water, non-perishable foods

Paper and Plastic ware

Test your flashlights and radio – buy new batteries

Keep gas tank full – top it off

Have enough medication on hand

Have a little extra cash at home

Plan for your pets’ needs

Consider a shelter as last resource. If you require a Special Needs shelter – apply and register with your county NOW

Know where you will be should a severe storm or hurricane occur

Be prepared to forego a caregiver if he or she cannot drive due to floods or trees on roads

Have your important papers in sealed plastic bags so they can be taken with you in a hurry

Charge all phones and other electronics

Seniors May Have a Cavalier Attitude about Hurricane Safety

As the Greatest Generation who survived wars and depressions, they may not take a natural disaster or Hurricane emergency to heart. This may be because they are hardy, or they may be masking or denying the fact that they can’t manage preparations themselves. If there is local family or a friend, hopefully they can review needs and help without making a big deal about it. Bring in some extra supplies and nail down a plan. If there is a caregiver in the home, review the list with them so that items can be added on shopping trips. Should there be a storm, is there someone who will close shutters, move in lawn furniture and the like? All part of the plan which an adult son or daughter may have to help their older parents with.