Hurricane Season 2019 – Above Normal Activity

HurricaneThis Hurricane Season, NOAA is predictions a higher number of named storms than usual. The 2019Hurricane season begins June 1st and goes through November 30th. NOAA predicts 11 -17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes and 2-4 major hurricanes.  Florida is on alert during these months due to its location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Beyond geography, South Florida is home to many vulnerable seniors. Natives are more in tuned with the idea of having a Hurricane Plan and Kit.

Elder Loved Ones in South Florida – Be Prepared!

Whether one lives in a house, apartment or condominium the winds and rain can threaten our property and us. It is recommended that everyone has storm windows and/or hurricane shutters. South Florida learned a lot after Hurricane Andrew and building codes changed. Still, each person is responsible for their own property. They are also responsible for where they will ride out the storm anyone and everyone with Special Needs ought to register with their county. Know if you need to be in a secure place like a hospital or other facility and make the arrangements before the storm. If you need special equipment such as oxygen – speak with your company to review procedures. If you are vulnerable and can leave the state, it may be prudent to do and not have the stress of being in South Florida during Hurricane Season.

Prepare a Hurricane Kit – for a Week or Longer

Anyone who has been through a hurricane knows that it is scary and stressful. They also know that the harder part may be once the storm passes and the electricity is out. In some areas this can happen for days or weeks. Teams and crews from the electric company are very efficient but it can take time. Roads may need to be clea4red from fallen trees or other debris. Floridians put together kits to help them get through the post-storm period.  Supply Kits should include:

Drinking water — buy containers of water at the start of the season and add to it.

Water for the toilet and to clean things – fill sinks and the bathtub

First aid kit

Flashlights, Radio and batteries for each

Paper goods – plates, cups, utensils

Supply of medications for at least 10 days

Non-perishable foods

Can opener

Have cash on hand – ATMs may not be working

Waterproof packet of important papers – use a large zip-lock bag for checks, insurance face sheets, prescriptions etc. – this should always be on hand to take in an emergency

Plan and supplies for pets

Top off your gas tank in car

Have a generator ONLY if you are able to easily use it and have a safe place for it

Supplies for children or babies

Remember, hurricane shelters are the refuge of last resort. You must bring all your supplies (bedding) with you. They are cramped and really no place for elderly people who have any balance issues or dementia

If you or your older loved one has private duty home care, the licensed company will have hurricane emergency plans for each client. Many aides will need to tend to their own homes and families, but will be on shift as much as possible. If caregivers are hired privately, it is up to them what they choose to do for you.