Practicing Feeling Good

Practicing feeling good is an active emotional exercise. Today “mindfulness” is getting its due and being mindful of feeling good leads to a greater sense of well-being.

happy older woman
Photo by Anthony Metcalfe on Unsplash

So we can increase positive feelings by being aware of what brings us joy. Reminiscing is a great way to recall a happy time. Our moods do follow our thoughts.  How we remember something shapes how we feel. Like most things, practice makes better.

Tips to Increase Positive Feelings           

~Think about the one thing which brings a smile.

~Recall a wonderful surprise you have had.

~Plan a wonderful surprise for yourself or a loved one.

~Identify things in nature which gives you a sense of awe.

~Visit places that make you feel happy.

~List some of your achievements and things you are proud of.

~Count your blessings

~Name fun activities you enjoy… do them when you can.

~Contact people present or past whom you enjoy talking with.

Learning and Doing

Different challenges affect each person differently. Some people are just generally more adaptive or possess a brighter outlook. Having a knowledge base, strong emotional reserves and a good support system eases some of life’s milestones.  If you have an illness, disease or are a caregiver then learning everything you can about the condition is helpful. With the internet, there is endless resources at our fingertips. So be selective, get information from well established businesses or organizations.  If you are looking at having hip surgery, better to log onto a major hospital’s site than “Joe’s Garage & Hip Repair”.

Dealing with loss, of any kind initially can knock us down like a blow to our gut. Again, there are many resources available in most towns and certainly in bigger cities. Grief, in all its forms takes time to overcome. Sadness, anger or whichever emotions you are feeling are strong and run deep. It is unrealistic to think they will dissolve quickly. But, the intensity does diminish.  Depression is real and can be treated. Taking action is often a key feature to feeling better. Make the call, attend a seminar or group. Ask for and accept assistance. Some of life’s curves can be anticipated. Graduations, weddings, children, careers, firings, retiring, relocating, disease, or death can follow along life’s timeline or can come out of the blue and shock your system. If you aren’t feeling any better after six-eight weeks, seeking professional help is indicated.

Suggested Actions to Take

~Add respite time for yourself.

~Get organized, uncluttering your immediate surroundings, helps to focus.

~Learn all you can about the situation. If it is health related, read, join a chat room, find a Support Group, use a Helpline. Most diseases have a local and/or national foundation with lots of free     and valuable information.

~Try keeping a journal to organize thoughts and feelings.

~Remember to be thankful for what is going right and for the positive people or things in your life. Gratitude is powerful.

~Make up a mantra for yourself and try to use humor too.

~Smile as much as you can and interact with others, as is comfortable.

~Keep your medical appointments. Self-care is crucial. Treat yourself kindly.

~Eat, sleep and exercise regularly.

~Breathe deeply, meditate – lots of meditations on your smartphone, listen to music, try to relax.

Accentuate the Positive

Life challenges us in many ways. Examining your strengths, supports and very own resilience increases a sense of security and can empower you to meet your new experiences. Recall and practice what gives you a sense of well-being and belonging. Because as we get older, the challenges shift more to our health and loss of dear ones.  However, aging also bestows on us some wisdom and certainly experience to meet these psychological, physical, and emotional challenges.

There is so much help available today. whether it is for the person directly affected or if you are a care-partner. South Florida in particular has numerous services, medical professionals, home care, community organizations and the like for Boomers and seniors.  Therefore, recognizing the need for any type of assistance is the first step in getting it and using it to improve your circumstances.  Because taking action to improve the situation is a wonderful way to practice feeling good.