resuRescuing EvidenceRescuing Evidence – Preserving the History of the Holocaust

Rescuing the Evidence is a project of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  USHMM  preserves testimonials and items from the people who perished or were witness to  WWII. Time is dwindling away for any actual survivors as they are in their eighties and nineties now. The “evidence” is collected from them and their families moving forward. This directly preserves history from as many points of view as possible.

Material Evidence

The Museum’s Southeast Regional Office in Boca Raton hired an Acquisitions Curator because South Florida is home to the third-largest Holocaust Survivor community behind Israel and New York. It is crucial that the Museum rescues and preserves these proofs of the Holocaust while there is still time. They want original artifacts from survivors, their children, and grandchildren. Anyone who was displaced, persecuted, murdered, or discriminated against by the Nazi regime and their collaborators. The dates are from 1933- 1945. The Museum also wants items from liberators and any other eyewitnesses this includes pre and post-war, Displaced Camps, and emigration from Europe. Most important is to preserve and protect the items to be collected.

Need Your Help

Therefore, if you or anyone you know may have any items of interest, usually stored away in a suitcase or box in the attic or basement, contact the Museum. If you’d like to have the Museum curator contact you, call 786-496-2788 or The Museum’s Southeast Regional office has speakers who help educate about the vast collections the Museum has and to gather items for consideration.

Paradise Home Health Care is proud to serve all of our clients and their families. We are particularly sensitive to the emotional and behavioral needs of clients who are Holocaust survivors.  We understand that health issues and the aging process itself can be triggers for PTSD related to their experiences during the Holocaust. Many caregivers have experience working with survivors.