Resolutions for New Year

Resolutions 2019, yes a new opportunity at a fresh start is just weeks away. Who doesn’t plan to start a new diet and exercise more in the coming year? Gym memberships spike in January and then fall off as people revert back to usual habits and patterns. Perhaps a new resolution is to not make these tired lists so that you don’t feel badly when failure to do them sets in.

Realistic Goals

Firstly, be very specific on what you truly want to change. Is it a diet or desire to feel and be healthier? Does it have to be exercise or more of doing what you enjoy that requires movement? Losing a few pounds and going to the gym are good but they probably don’t have a lasting effect. Most people want to feel better or healthier so that means eating healthier foods and eliminating or decreasing unhealthy things, i.e. sugar.  It usually isn’t a matter of eating less, but eating healthier.  Consider taking a cooking class or buy (download) new recipes. Keep a diary and record how you feel physically and about yourself after eating unhealthy and then when you eat better. Re-enforcing positive feeling helps to make something a routine.

Don’t Overload Yourself

We tend to get enthusiastic at the outset and make plans to do more than we really will do. If you work better with a physical therapist,  coach or trainer, then hire one or take a class. You are unlikely to quit smoking, lose weight, and start a new venture all at the same time. So don’t set yourself up for failure.  Look at your overall goal – feeling better, having more energy, spending more time doing…  break down your goal into smaller steps and develop a strategy for achieving your goal. It takes about thirty days for our brains to adjust to something new.  Do what you enjoy and do it with music. If you don’t like the gym but enjoy walking, then walk – either outside or around a mall.  Music makes us feel better!  Get a partner do walk with. If you prefer to swim, then swim.

Be Creative

If what you have tried before failed, it is time for a new approach. Exercise differently by exploring yoga or Tai Chi. you are looking at the long term so set a goal that is achievable. Perhaps you would like a self-defense class or take up a new sport.  Ask people you know and like if they would like to join you in a new venture.  Ask how they are achieving their goals. Explore your own area or places nearby. Have you been to the beach lately when you live within an hour away? Have you gone to a museum, fair, or park in your area? You probably are more active when you are away.  Have an adventure or tour in your own backyard. Remember, you’ll be more successful if you are enjoying what you are doing.

Happy New Year!  Should you need help get it. See a professional or hire an assistant or aide. It is harder to things or makes changes without support, at least in the beginning.