Resolutions Anyone?

Resolutions anyone? Does anyone still make resolutions, they intend on keeping? “Res-o-lu-tion” is defined (Oxford Dictionary) as a firm decision to do or not to do something.

New Years PartyIt is a defined intention of resolve and very popular around the New Year. So why do so many New Year resolutions go unfulfilled even when made with determination? Unfortunately, the very nature of making a resolution at a certain time of year implies that it might be expected but isn’t coming from personal initiative which isn’t usually scheduled.  The popular resolution of “losing five pounds” when made after the holiday season, is on the face of it unrealistic. So, it has a very low chance of success. Noble intentions are just not enough.

Turning Optimism into Action

A New Year is a time for optimism and hope for change but is not enough to cause a change in behavior. Human nature itself prevents us from keeping a high level of performance without end. We naturally seek “homeostasis” – eat when hungry, sleep when tired, etc. A resolution often interferes with our natural response so more discipline and resolve is required. In a way, our motivation diminishes and then we fail in keeping our resolution. We, therefore, ought not to set a resolution on a whim. Rather, plan it out, visualize the resolution and what it will take to keep it until it becomes habit. Anticipate pitfalls and temptations, build in ways to avoid the distractions which take you off track For instance, if you resolve to lose weight, set a target number, make a shopping list, follow the list, design your meals in advance, avoid social situations which will lead to eating and drinking more and have healthier snacks ready to eat.

Tips for Resolution Completion

It is said that it takes three to seven weeks for something new (behavior) to become routine. Habits may be hard to break but they are also creatable. Beyond giving yourself enough time for a resolution to take root it is important to:

~Set realistic goals – no need to start in the extreme. Begin slowly and build incrementally. Know and be honest about your own abilities and be practical on what you can or cannot achieve.

~Invite Social Support – It is often easier to do things with someone else and have someone rooting for you as you root for them.  Two of you or a small group can help you achieve your goal.

~Remember that you will likely fail, it is part of the process, pick up where you left off in order to move forward.

~Listen to, watch or read about successful people you admire and use some of their methods too.

~Accept help if it will help you.

~Use technology – today we have lots of electronic monitoring choices to track our progress. Many apps or are right on your phone, let them help motivate you.

~Find what motivates you and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Repeat this often.

~Keep away from people or situations who negatively impact your resolve or tempt you to break down.

~Hire a trainer or other professional if it will help you.

Good luck in turning your resolution into your lifestyle. If your resolution is to hire a little help with household chores or self-care activities of daily living, speak with a licensed Home Health Care company.