Sandwich Generation Caregivers are Pulled in Different Directions

Sandwich Generation adults often find themselves in the middle between helping elder parents and their own children. If you are caring for more than one household and working, you must be very organized and open to accepting help to manage it all. Caregiving is demanding by definition. It can involve psychological, emotional and even physical energy and time. We all need time to recharge. We all need time and space to care for ourselves and create a balance between the numerous obligations. None of us can maintain

  Sandwich Generation



Tips for being a well-balanced caregiver – to yourself, your children and your elderly parents:

  1. Set priorities – your needs come first so that you can then help others
  2. Let less important things go and plan for future.
  3. Speak to your employer about EAP programs and flex schedules.
  4. Deputize others and get help – see what chores children can do and the schedules of others.
  5. If you present as doing it all, they may believe you – tell loved ones you need help, be specific.
  6. Explore community resources, benefits such as Senior and Day Care Centers, volunteers.
  7. Consider hiring help from a Home Care company.
  8. Consider all options, Senior Residences or parents living part time near another sibling.

Sandwiched adults either learn ways of assisting aging parents, children and managing their own lives’ or collapse. These are basically common sense approaches so the trick is taking action. Millions of American families are in this predicament of caring for children of all ages, parents who may have health issues including dementia and making a living in your chosen career. It is really hard to do, especially for long periods of time. The best caregivers have back up or hired help so that they can best manage their many responsibilities. Enlist other family members, set some rules and boundaries. Something will give, don’t let it be you.