Florida in the Winter – Return of the Snowbirds

Florida for the winterFlorida Snowbird Tips: Sherry Picker MSW, The social worker at Paradise Home Health Care, a licensed home care service that helps seniors in the Palm Beach County and Broward County Florida areas, discusses what a “Snowbird” needs to bring with them or prepare for when planning to come down for the winter. It is always easier to manage in your own home base. Snowbirds by definition are spending several months away from their primary home and support systems. Some extra planning is needed and becomes extremely important should there be some health surprises. Unfortunately many people who come down for the winter month fail to plan for the unexpected and have to scramble, or have family members scramble to get the right paperwork in place during a medical emergency. This can be avoided with a little foresight, especially when the senior has special needs or specific medical circumstances which require ongoing attention.

Listen to gain crucial information on how best to plan for you or your parent’s stay in their Florida home. Make it safe, enjoyable and as easy as possible should somethng unforeseen occur. All important documents pertaining to medical needs, updates, prescriptions etc. should be part of the planning and communication between the medical professionals in both places. Safety is a prime concern, especially in a differnet locale. Also, learn from FPL – tips for your Snowbird home when you are back north.

Frequently Asked Questions are Answered by a Local Social Worker

1. My parents in the Northeast are returning to Florida for the winter, are there any things to know about?

2. Do they have a primary physician or specialist there?

3. Which legal documents should they take with them?

3. What about their home, anything there I should look for?

4. How can I make their home safer with regard to Fall Prevention?