Compounding Pharmacies Provide Personalized Dosing

Compounding Pharmacies are equipped to get the dosages of prescription medications down to the smallest degree. This means you don’t have to cut pills or tablets into smaller doses, since few of us can get each half or quarter cut in uniform sizes. This is especially true if Arthritis has affected your hands.  Compounding Pharmacies can take your prescription and fill it either in pill, lozenge, liquid, creams or suppository forms for easier ingestion. For many people with Parkinson disease, swallowing is an issue so taking pills is challenging and can be dangerous. Getting the liquid form of Sinamet makes taking the medication much easier.

Making the Medicine Go Down Easier

Some medications have very bitter tastes and many children truly dislike taking their medicine. Compounding Pharmacies can add flavoring and allergy-free options which take some of the sting out of taking medicine. Some Compounding Pharmacies also prepare pet/animal medications as per prescriptions.

The FDA approval process is meant for mass-manufactured medications. Since compounded medications are customized for individuals, the U.S. government has approved the use of compounded medications for people who have a prescription for that specific compounded medication. It becomes a team effort between the patient, physician and the compounding pharmacies so you may need to discuss your prescriptions and personal needs or preferences with your doctors.

Visit or Speak with a Compounding Pharmacist

Of times when a person is starting a new medication or has changed in their condition, their doctor will titrate the dosage upward or downward for better results, it is difficult to do with great precision through regular pharmacies. By compounding, the dosing is precise, the delivery method is of your choice and this combines for a more positive outcome.  To learn more about such pharmacies, go to or Discuss with your doctor what form the medicine should be in for your comfort as it can be made into a cream, a pill or capsule or fluid.

Questions to Ask the Compounding Pharmacist

Do you provide my medications?

Do you accept insurance, Medicare or a manage prescription drug plan?

Does it matter if my medication is compounded or can I use a standard pharmacy?

Do you deliver the medications to my home and how long does it take?

Medication Reminders

All this is good unless you or your loved one cannot remember to take the medication. Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease or other cognitive impairments may need reminders. Today technology has many types of gadgets to remind you to take your medicine and can even drop the dosage into a cup or packet.  You can also hire a nurse to do medication management and if you have a home care aide part of their responsibility is to provide medication reminders and put the medicine and water in front of you.