Tips from local Elder Care Professionals to Help You Plan for the Type of Older Age You Want.

Planning for Aging at Home

Legends Radio 100.3 FM of Palm Beach County.



Aging iat homeLorna O’Connell of Legend’s Radio 100.3 hosts the “Community Resource” hour every Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m.  On March 29th, Ms. O’Connell interviewed;

Linda Lemonte, Founder & Administrator of Paradise Home Health Care,

Sherry Picker, Social Worker with Paradise Home Health Care,

Susan Luxenberg, Accessibility Designer, HomeSmart  C.A.P.S.

Ellen Morris, Elder Law Attorney/Partner with Elder Law Associates.

All four professionals, with combined experienced of over 75 years, are based in Boca Raton and practice throughout the county as well as in Broward County.

Ms. O’Connell, herself, thinking about her post retirement and having such discussions with her girlfriends, decided to devote a program to address some “rules of thumb” for planning into our 70s and 80s…. at least.

Under the assumption, born out by research, the overwhelming majority of people want to “Age in Place”, meaning their own homes. Many people however do not consider the need to make some adaptations in the home for safety and comfort as they grow older.

Similarly, many folks know who they want to make decisions for them, if they become incapacitated or carry out their end of life wishes but do not make these things binding by making legal documents such as a Durable Power of Attorney and Medical Surrogate.

We know that one in three seniors will suffer a fall, we know that at least a third of people over age of 65 will need some in-home assistance at some point in their post retirement years, and we know all of us will die. Whether it is due to a fall, accident, disease progression, surgery or illness, planning is key here also! Personalized assistance at home is expensive. It is paid for either by Long Term Care Insurance or out of pocket.

The message from all the guests was to be honest with yourself, your spouse and children. Consider what your long term plan is and then begin building in the documents, home features and funding for when you may need help either with personal care or running of the household and transportation. Planning gives you direction and time to make all of these accommodations to age and ill health affordable.  Whether you are lucky enough to still have your spouse, or are “Flying Solo into Older Age” now is the time to look ahead and make some of the decisions which will give you greater independence, direct your personal wishes and maintain the quality of life you hope for.

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