Hearing Aides

According to a study in The Laryngoscope Journal (and reported by Medical News Today, by researchers at the Washington State School of Medicine in St. Louis found that older adults who have hearing loss may find that their balance improves when they wear hearing aids. After all, balance is in the ear. If this finding can be extrapolated to improve balance safety and prevent some falls, then it merits more study.

We know that the loss of hearing can be quite devastating as hearing is very key to how we, our brains receive information and a key for socializing. With hearing loss, a person must make concerted efforts to keep incoming information, through language and keep active with other people.

Hearing gives us more information, making us more alert, but also, the sound information via the hearing aids helped give auditory points of reference which helped to maintain better balance.

The study shows that sound itself helps us with balance.  Participants performed better at balance tests when their hearing aids were on, in their ears.

Much more research needs to be conducted; with a larger sample group but it is a good start.  Better balance and better hearing make a strong case to folks to acknowledge their impairment, go get a hearing test and fitted for hearing aids. As with every other gadget, the technology in hearing aids today is more advanced than even a couple of years ago.

Fall prevention is so key in seniors because we know many will fall and many will suffer a fracture which can then change their life from one of independence to one of some fear and need for in home care or move to Communal living.

Help your brain, help your balance, and get your hearing tested.