Hurricane Preparedness is Key to Planning for the Storm and Afterwards

HurricaneHurricane Preparedness for Floridians; we know June 1st begins the Hurricane Season which lasts through November.  It is a time to review your Hurricane Plan, make needed changes and restock your Hurricane supplies – testing things and adding new water and paper goods. Review your Hurricane Kit of important papers that you would take with you. Be Safe -Plan.

Even though 2015 is forecast to be a mild season, it takes just ONE bad storm to change things and wreck your home. Just a bad thunderstorm usually knocks out power.

Have enough of what you need for power outages of up to 10 Days.

* The key is to plan, review and restock.

*Have extra medication on order and in the home.

*Keep extra cash on hand.

*If you or your family has “Special Needs” contact and register with the county NOW, in case you end up needing to go to a shelter and also need transportation to get there.

*If you have pets, they need a plan also.

*Go over your paperwork in your Hurricane Kit and update forms and important documents to be current. Put some Checks  there also, and any prescriptions.

Here are the sites for Palm Beach & Broward Counties:

For details about how to prepare for a Hurricane and all you will need to know go to the NOAA site:

Presently you can prepare at your leisure and buy what you need over a few weeks without lines and stress. Get through this, the other “Season” with as much comfort and least anxiety by properly being ready.

If you have a  hired Caregiver, discuss with them when they would not be able to come for their shift(s). Remember, roads could be blocked, They may have to care for children and own family. If you have live-in care also discuss with the care aide what they plan to do.  An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. If your parents are elderly and need help with the preparedness, arrange for someone to help them. Sometimes Seniors need extra time to get what they need into the house.


May be have a very quiet and uneventful 2015 Hurricane season,.