Adult Children Want Guidance for InHome Senior Care for Parent’s Needs

InHome Senior Care for ParentsVisiting adult sons and daughters to their aging and elderly parents can be very illuminating regarding need for inhome senior care. Even with regular phone calls, important information can be missed as the parent’s know the “Script”.

While adult offspring want to be mindful of a parent’s independence and autonomy, safety must be a number one concern. This is especially true when the older parent lives alone, as many seniors do. Physical decline and cognitive impairments are usually causes for justified concern.  Speaking with a Senior Care professional is a good way to receive guidance in planning for in-home services. You may consult a Geriatric Care Manager, Primary Physician or an InHome Senior Care company to address your questions and concerns.

Seeking Peace of Mind around InHome Senior Care

Having an aging parent presents an underlying stress about the “what ifs” such as a fall, Illness, hospitalization or progression of disease. It is difficult to offer assistance when it is unsolicited, unwanted and deemed unnecessary. Seniors wish to feel in control and competent with a sense of independence, even when their physical and/or cognitive conditions (Dementia) indicate the need for some  inhome senior care assistance.  Before arranging for an aide to come into the home, there are some things to try to improve safety in the home.

Grab bars, shower seat and a hand held shower head.

Better lighting in the bedroom and bathroom.

Purchasing of a Grabber to avoid reaching up or bending down.

Reviewing their home with them for safety and Fall Prevention

You may also visit Senior Centers together, discuss having morning phone calls from a local organization to just say “hello” each day. It is very important to have ongoing conversations over time about your concern because you love them and what they see or plan for themselves in case of the “what ifs”. Hiring in-home care may be premature.

 How Will You Feel When Your Children Approach You

Hiring an aide long term is a big deal. Usually it is understood that an extra pair of hands and a driver is needed when someone is laid up following hip surgery or other Rehab stay. If they shouldn’t lift or drive for a short while, then it does make sense to have some help. However when you know that actual care (help with bathing dressing, toileting and more) is needed, be sensitive that this affects their sense of self, fear of decline, anxiety that they cannot remain in their own home and other psychological effects.

A primary doctor is a good person to discuss your concern for your parent’s well-being with. Or a specialist, or anyone your mother or father trusts. Show respect for your parent; don’t “attack” the things they are doing wrong. Health and Safety are primary concerns to be attended to first.  Best to make some suggestions, give them the information and names with phone numbers for them to think about and talk with when ready. Somewhere in their heart of hearts they will be relieved that you are concerned and that there are ways to improve the situation.

Children and parents want things to be all right. In-home senior care, unless an emergency can be started off slowly. Explain that an assistant, to do the laundry, shop, cook and even drive can be very helpful and relieve some of your concern and angst. Keep things positive, give them time to warm up to the idea and if they still resist, research and speak with a Home Care company that you can call should an emergency situation arise.