Seniors with health issues use Vial Life

Vial Life for Seniors with Medical Conditions“Vial Life” is used by seniors so that during a medical emergency, the EMT or Medic will have immediate health and medical information to better treat you. The Vial Life program can save lives. Run through many Fire Departments, you receive an Information Form to list your pertinent identifying information, Medical info, Medications, Emergency contacts, Insurance info and other relevant information. The kit comes with a sticker for your front door or window, a plastic sealed bag for the info sheet and a magnet to attach bag to your fridge.

One form for each person in home

Each person should have their own form in plastic bag. This way, in a medical 911 emergency, the EMT personnel will see the sticker and know to look on your refrigerator for the form. This will help them to help you through the emergency and radio ahead to the hospital with important information. This helps the paramedics quickly whether you are in the state of mind to provide the information, OR not.

Contact the Fire Rescue in your area. For Delray Beach, Florida, contact: 561-243-7400. Consider this to be a wonderful gift for you friends and family members, whatever their age. The website is:

If a loved one is unable to complete the form, you may do so for them. Once the form is completed, you may wish to make copies and send it to your Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Surrogate and other trusted people in your life so they will have this time and lifesaving information in one place.

If there is a hired caregiver in the home, acquaint them with the location of the Vial Life form and that should they need call 911 in an emergency, then they can present the form to the paramedics upon arrival to the home.

Another tip for seniors living alone

In addition to having a Vial Life for medical emergencies, older adults, especially folks who live alone would do well to have and wear an Emergency Response Button in case of a fall.  A third of seniors over the age of 65 do fall. This number increases with age and a third of those who do fall; it becomes a life changing event. For nearly all of us who wish to remain independent in our own homes it is logical to take some safety precautions and make some small changes which increase our safety and thereby, our quality of life. Home Care, a few hours a week is a good way of knowing that your loved one is being seen by someone and can tell if there are any troubling signs of their managing alone.