In this video, Sherry Picker, MSW answers questions about home care and Long Term Care Policy.

Below is a paraphrasing of the short video about a Long Term Care policy:

Interviewer: My mother is at the point where she needs an aide a few times a week. She has a Long Term Care policy, Does Paradise Home Health Care work with LTC insurance?

Sherry: Thank you for your question, yes we do work with all the insurers. Or we accept private pay.

Interviewer: Is there anything to know about my mother’s policy?

Your Long Term Care PolicyThere is often a very long time between buying and using the policy. Few of us remember what we bought or how it works when it comes to any insurance so it is very worthwhile to review your policy prior to needing to use it.

Interviewer: What would I be looking for?

Sherry: The rules of thumb are to know whether there is an elimination period — which is a wait period when you are paying out of pocket before the policy begins covering home care costs.

You want to know whether there is a wait period, how long is it for… 7 days, 100 days or something in between AND whether or not is a one time or per episode elimination period.

Interviewer: Aren’t all policies the same?

Sherry: Unfortunately not. It depends on what your mother bought. The terms of her policy, are policy specific.

Interviewer: What else should I look for?

Sherry: You want to know how long the policy is for and what are the triggers for payment.

Triggers are usually 2 or 3 of the Activities of Daily Living: Assistance with Bathing, Dressing, Transferring, Toileting and Feeding.

You can read through the policy or call the company directly. You will need to open a claim should you wish to begin care. Unfortunately you must start care before things are set into motion.

Hope this gives you an idea about how to get started. PHHC will call your insured and verify benefits when we meet with you to set up a home care schedule