Senior Home Care is Likely at Some Point in Life

Senior Home CareThe thought of needing help with one’s personal care –  ADLs -bathing, dressing, and toileting is disturbing to most of us. We see ourselves as independent and able to care for ourselves. Truthfully, this just isn’t the case for many older adult seniors. Whether recuperating from surgery, a fracture or managing an ongoing illness such as Alzheimer’s dementia, M.S., post Stroke, Parkinson Disease and others, most of us will require some senior home care for ourselves or a loved one. As such, we hope for success.

Tips for having a successful “Caregiver in the Home” Experience

Safety and Fall Prevention are of prime concern. We don’t want the situation compounded by another fall or accident. Independence is more in the mind than the body, having a broken leg requires some assistance but you haven’t stopped being a decision maker, or lost the ability to use judgement and plan ahead.

Getting information before care is as important as getting acquainted with each other the first day

  1. Hire an aide from a licensed company.
  2. Understand the caregiver’s “duties & responsibilities”.
  3. Discuss your daily routine and schedule.
  4. Explain your expectations, likes, and dislikes.
  5. Show them the items you use from the market, best to go with aide the first time for groceries.
  6. Ask the aide about their preferences also. If they are there for many hours, discuss meals or snacks.
  7. Make a list and put on the fridge of your emergency contacts: family, friends, doctors, and pharmacy.
  8. Organize your medications, dosages, times and any allergies to meds or foods.
  9. If you feel it is not a good “match” speak to the supervisor. It may take another try.
  10. Be realistic and respectful of the caregiver as you expect them to be with you.


It is actually very rewarding for all involved when the right match is made. Let the company know at the first phone conversation and home visit what your needs are, and what you see as being the best caregiver for you. The “Magic” begins very quickly when you, your spouse/family, and the caregiver share an understanding of the tasks at hand and personalities involved.

Senior Home Care success happens when you work together and “click” with each other. It is an important relationship and the right fit helps in many ways beyond the day to day tasks.