Medicaid Rehab

Medicaid Rehab Beds in Area Centers                                                                                                        Medicaid Rehab beds can be found in unlikely places. Meeting with the Sales Manager at Life-Space Communities at Abbey Delray I learned valuable information to share.  Their local Rehab Centers at Abbey Delray, Abbey Delray South and Harbor’s Edge (all in Delray Beach, Florida) have Medicaid  rehab beds available. This means that if you or someone you know has Medicaid (lower income Medical coverage) they may do their Rehabilitation at these centers.

As you can imagine, the Physical Therapy and Nursing care is terrific and the surroundings much more plush than in other Rehab Centers which accept Medicaid.  To make things more equitable, rehabs which of course are paid for by Medicare or your managed plan will also have some beds available for Medicaid patients. Often these are just a few beds. In Delray Beach, they show a stronger commitment with many more beds.

So when leaving a local hospital, if you don’t know one Rehab Center from another, you can ask about Abbey Delray and Harbor’s Edge or other more upscale Rehab Centers to see whether they have a Medicaid rehab bed available. It is certainly valuable information.

BTW, Life-Space Communities are “Buy In” communities. This means you put a sum of money down, and it can be substantial, and also pay monthly fees. However, these Communities have been changing over the years in terms of their “terms” and you may find them to your liking.  You start out usually in your own apartment or Villa and as your needs change due to illness or aging you receive the higher level of cares without moving out. They have Independent, Assisted, Memory Care and Rehab Centers all on the same Campus. These types of communities truly address all the “What Ifs” should you have a progressive disease or any complicated aging health issues.

They are very much worth adding to your list when considering a move into Senior Residences. If nothing else as a comparative example with the other types of places you will look at.