Neurologist visits can be very intimidating

Neurologist visitsWhen going for any appointment with a doctor, there is some preparation to do. Write down your questions, prepare your medical history,  take a pen and paper with you along with prescription medications, bring medical test results, labs, MRIs, check reputable medical sites, take someone with you and so forth.  As an adult son or daughter, if you are able to accompany an elder, senior parent to the consult, that would be very positive.  If not, at least fax in a Durable Power of Attorney so that you may speak with the doctor or his assistant following the visit and any tests/procedures. The first time going for a Neuro consult can be very anxiety provoking as the issues of the brain are some of our greatest fears, whether a tumor or Alzheimer’s disease… seeing a Neurologist is scary. Like with any doctor, he or she is a partner with you and your spouse to help heal, maintain and manage an illness or disease.

Questions to pose to your Neurologist

Get specific about what type of disorder or condition you are dealing with?

How will this disease affect my overall health and well-being?

What treatment and medication is being considered and what are the side effects?

Will the disease and progression affect my day to day routine?

How will it affect me and what time frame are we talking about?

Questions for office staff

Of times we must ask for things as the office staff is very busy. Inquire whether they have written information about your condition or can recommend books and websites.

Remember to get a follow up appointment. If they refer you out for other tests, get precise contact information.

Ask how long it will take for the results to come back and for you to get a call explaining the results.

Ask what the next steps are.

Review any new medications and ask if there are generic brands.

Ask about side effects and what to do if you experience any of them.

Request that the neurologist notes be sent to your primary doctor or any other doctor you feel should have them.

Neurologists are specialists dealing with the brain and disorders/conditions or diseases of the brain. Tumors are different than Muscular Dystrophy. Both differ from Alzheimer’s disease/Dementia/Lewy Body Dementia,  ALS or Parkinson Disease. It is important to research the type of neurologist you need. It will save a lot of time and money. Get a referral from your primary doctor, someone you know who has the condition you have or suspect you may have and check with the National organization for that disorder.