Self-Empowerment – Doctors Agree Comes From 4 Things 

Self-Empowerment is very important for Seniors to maintain

Self-Empowerment comes from improving or maintaining these four key elements. From research, articles, lectures, multidisciplinary approaches all seem to come down to some variation of taking better care of ourselves so that we may be as physically, cognitively, 

~Eating Healthier

~Exercising & Moving More



What do these 4 Things Share in Common?

All four elements are under our own control! We decide for the most part what groceries we bring into the house, what we eat and what we order in restaurants. We are in control of when, how and how much we exercise in a day or week. Each of us decides to call a friend, get together, go to a lecture, and take a class and so on. The person him or herself or with a spouse and other family, though primarily them self, calls an Elder Law Attorney, designates a Durable Power of Attorney, sets forth their Living Will wishes and designates a Medical Surrogate. The individual calls the financial planner or Government offices to put forth a financial plan. Unless legally or functionally cognitively incapacitated, each of us makes our own decisions in these four areas.

Self-Empowerment can easily be another way of say “Independent”. Most people state that is what they want. Certainly most Seniors and elder retirees say that is what they want. Funny thing is we usually already have it. Even in illness, we, together with family and the doctors, decide on a course of treatment, while these 4 elements are always in play.

When Help is Needed for Self-Empowerment

Of times as people get older or are managing health conditions and disease, they may need help to get moving, grocery shop and prepare healthy meals as well as with planning for the future and engaging with friends and social activities. Usually a spouse or adult son or daughter is the first wave of assistance to maintain a desired level of activity and quality of life. If this type of plan is unfeasible and the person wishes to remain in their own home rather than move into an Assisted Senior Community, then choosing to hire an aide is a good solution. An aide will assist with both personal care if needed and routine household chores and provide transportation and companionship.