A study done by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave looked at the preferences of folks who have retired from age 50 and older to see what their long term plan is. Results are unsurprising.

Retirees homeThe vast majority of those polled – 85% related that their preference is to remain in their own home and receive care there. Another 10% of respondents said that moving into an Assisted Living facility would be their number one choice. 4% preferred to move in with a family member and the remaining 1% chose Nursing Home care.

Since over 85% of seniors wish to remain in their own home and age in place, it stands to reason that in-home care as they age is their chosen method of care. This holds true whether they have Long Term Care insurance or not. Home Care helps manage personal care – bathing, dressing, walking and of course household tasks; cooking, cleaning, laundry and transportation. Having an assistant/aide  or caregiver who will also give medication reminders, do exercises with and in general help motivate you is a big plus when it can be had in the privacy of your own home.

As with most things, planning is key. Whether you have lived in your home for many years or moved in recently, things will change namely your health and mobility as you grow older. Therefore if your plan is to Age in Place, in your own home, we recommend having Home Safety Evaluation done to see what modifications, if any are needed to help ensure greater safety, comfort and independence.  With longer lead times, modifications can be financially planned for and paid off over time. Small things are usually inexpensive and include, improved lighting, grab bars, railings, non-stick strips or non-stick material over tiled floors, taping down of throw rugs… which would be better off being thrown away.

Larger modifications, leveling off a shower floor, modifying for wheelchair access, redesigning living space will cost more so planning ahead is a good idea.

A piece of the Aging in Place discussion which is often overlooked is first to decide the location of your place. Do you wish to remain in the area you are in or move closer to family? Does your area have senior friendly services and medical facilities? Is there easily accessible transportation? Are there Senior Centers, Day Care, shopping etc., which you can easily get to?

Once you decide on the location of your ‘place” then you can begin considering what tweaking needs to be done to maximize safety, comfort and independence. Paradise Home Health Care can do a Home Safety evaluation for you and recommend you to trusted professionals who are “Aging in Place” specialists.