Snowbirds Come South: October to May

Snowbirds flock to Florida sunLet the Snowbirds Migration begin.  Both Almanacs are calling for another very cold and snowy winter, so the flocks will begin soon. A lot can happen medically, from Spring to late Fall.  Your medical team down here needs to be brought up to date. It is alarming when Snowbirds who may be down in Florida for half the year do not have a local doctor, especially when they are at risk or managing a disease.

Things to Do for Your Florida Stay

1. Do you or your elder parent have a Primary Care Physician and/or Specialist in Florida?  — Get one.

2.  If there have been changes since you left here, have the medical notes sent to your Florida doctor.

3.  If you or your loved one is coming down prior to November 1st – we are in Hurricane Season so some supplies should be bought – water, batteries, and a Hurricane plan in place.

4.  Especially if there have been changes in health and mobility, do a safety check of your Florida home with attention to Fall Prevention – put those 2 grab bars into the shower.

5.  Make sure your Power of Attorney, Medical Directives, and LTC Insurance have reciprocity in Florida. Check with your Elder Law Attorney.

6. If you had a caregiver you would like to have him or her back. Please give us advance notice before you return to Florida. This will make it easier to arrange for that caregiver or someone like them.

If you have an aide up north, most likely you will need assistance here also.

Your time in South Florida ought to be an enjoyable one. You can do more outdoors and there are a lot of senior services and medical services in abundance, unlike some of the places you may be coming from. Make the most of your winter and stay safe and healthy.