Hurricane & Summer Heat

HurricaneHurricane season and extreme heat are staples of Florida this time of year. Here we are in the middle of the Florida summer. Hot as Hades and there is a danger of Hurricane strength storms coming off the Atlantic. Time to take stock of supplies and to stock up. Heat exhaustion or Heat Stroke can happen easily, especially to seniors.  If you or a loved one feels dizzy, nauseous, very thirsty or not thirsty at all, they may be experiencing heatstroke. You may wish to call the doctor or take them to an Urgent Care center in case they need to have fluids administered. Once you have to manage the heat under control, it is important to recheck your Hurricane plan and supplies.  The summer heat and threat of a Hurricane are the prices we pay for living in Florida. These six months require extra thought and action so no one suffers property damage or ends up in the hospital.

Tips to Prevent this condition:                              

         * Drink plenty of fluids, water is best.

*Stay inside, in a cool area between 10:00 and 2:00 when the sun is strongest

*Wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and long sleeves.

*Eat fruits and vegetables as your diet allows

*Walk-in an air-conditioned Mall or take in a movie if you need to get out.

*Do not sit in a car waiting for someone on an errand.

Hurricane Safety: Remember, it is usually the days afterwards that are hardest if you have damage or are without electricity.

*Make your plan now – know where you will be during the Hurricane and aftermath.

*Have non-perishable foods, medications, paper goods, and WATER for at least 7 days.

*Don’t stock up on freezer foods for the next couple of months.

*Have pet food & medications in the home.

*Check your flashlights, candles, matches, batteries, radios, and the generator.

*Fill up the gas tank when the storm is nearby; remove things from patio and yard

*Take some cash out of the bank for a week.

*Know where your evacuation routes are and Shelters.

*If you have special needs, are you registered with the county?

Use Common Sense for Safety!