Support Group for Parkinson Diseasse 

Support Group from NPF for You and Your Family

Support Group for PD is a great way for you and your spouse to learn more about managing this disease. If you or a family member has been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or have been managing the disease for a while, check with your local Parkinson Disease chapter and attend a Support Group.  Caregivers tend to have so much stress and anxiety added to their daily lives that they become more “at-risk” for health problems than the patient themselves.

Check with the Parkinson’s disease Foundation – or the National Parkinson’s Foundation to get information about research, support groups, helpful information and tips. This is a Movement Disorder so explore ways to safely get moving, regularly. Check with your doctor, Neurologist, and what is available for Physical Therapy either at home or at an outpatient PT Center. Medicare covers both.  Find a program specifically geared to Parkinson’s disease.

You can find out all about these things at a local support group in your area. Many folks think of a Support Group as depressing get together to gripe or feel sorry for oneself. That is not a “Support” group. A well-run group will have facilitators who will focus on useful information, education, bring in speakers, guide the group to share not only resources but the “tricks” they have learned and use to help their loved ones and themselves.

Walking in Your Shoes

You will meet people who are further along in the disease and caregiving process who can share with you some hands-on helpful recommendations and you may be able to return the favor. There is something very special when you meet someone who just knows what you are experiencing without much discussion. Whether the person with Parkinson or the family caregiver/spouse each has its own unique symptoms and treatments but a shared experience. Just meeting and speaking with someone who you do not have to “explain” everything to can be very uplifting and a source of valued coping tips.

In Palm Beach County, Florida the chapter can be found at They sponsor support groups and other educational events and fundraising to increase awareness. They offer Caregiver Support Groups, Couples, Early Onset, and for folks who have the disease themselves.

Help is a phone call or click away– 561 -962-1702. Make the time the time to find out what may help you as you deal with and manage living with Parkinson’s disease